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Digital NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) are a valuable data set containing information on the creation or the change of state of a hazard affecting a flight and can come in many forms such as TFRs (Temporary Flight Restriction), Military NOTAMs and FDC (Flight Data Centre).

Previously all of this data was available in different formats and in varying degrees of completeness and accuracy. Laminar Data alleviates the pain of accessing and using this data by providing a data package subscription containing all Digital NOTAMs globally, or for one FIR/ACC, with added geometries for increased spatial awareness. 

The easy-to-use, developer friendly APIs on the Laminar Data Platform makes it easier than ever to access all of the value-added data for Digital NOTAMs.


Access a data package subscription containing all Digital NOTAMs globally, or for one FIR/ACC, with added geometries for increased spatial awareness


Digital NOTAMs are used throughout the Aviation industry by a variety of stakeholders for many purposes from Air Traffic Controllers to Drone Operators and Airlines. Therefore, the accuracy and availability of Digital NOTAMs has never been more important.


All pilots are responsible for ensuring their pre-flight planning includes the review of all available resources, particularly NOTAMs. Having access to all Digital NOTAMs in real-time allows stakeholders to remain up-to-date on nearby TFRs, issues affecting local airports and any other NOTAMs which could impact a flight within a selected FIR.


Incorporating real time Digital NOTAMs within ATC operations allows for greater situational awareness of a given region or airport. Stakeholders can use this data to make more informed operational decisions to improve safety, achieve savings or increase efficiency. This approach can be particularly effective when coupling this data with detailed Airport Map Data visualizations.


The volume of dispatch paperwork prepared before a flight can mean that important pieces of information, such as NOTAMs, can be overlooked. Easy access to Digital NOTAMs, which can be fused with electronic flight bag apps for increased situational awareness and effective filtering of NOTAMs, is becoming increasingly crucial for effective decision-making.


Before flying, drone users need to have awareness of the aviation world around them to ensure their safety and the safety of other airspace users. Digital NOTAMs provide the information required to ensure they avoid hazardous areas and comply with airspace closures and restrictions.


Visualizing Digital NOTAM data is an effective way of understanding the issues affecting a flight. Laminar Data provides the geometry for the affected area of each Digital NOTAM. This enables rapid-decision-making and with easy to use GeoJSON APIs, users can render this data in various mapping engines, all in a much lighter payload.


Our Digital NOTAM package gives you access to the summary and detail data for all Digital NOTAMs within a specified FIR (Flight Information Region) for a monthly subscription cost. The Digital NOTAMs in our data packages also have embedded geometry, making them spatially enabled and easy to visualise.





NOTAM data package

(by FIR)

per month

(billed annually)*





NOTAM data package


per month

(billed annually)*





*Pay monthly options also available upon request. Packages include 40,000 hits, which covers a single operator making continual use of the data 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


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