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Aerodromes have a large amount of highly valuable data associated with them, including Flight Arrival / Departure Information (Schedules, Plans, Surveillance, Status), Weather (METARs, TAFs) and location information. 

Previously all of this data was available in different formats, from different providers and in varying degrees of completeness and accuracy. Laminar Data alleviates the pain of accessing and using this data by providing a data package subscription for each aerodrome, giving you the full picture of this ecosystem from a complete, coherent and convenient platform.

The easy-to-use, developer friendly APIs on the Laminar Data Platform makes it easier than ever to access all of the relevant data for any aerodrome.


Access harmonized data from multiple authoritative and commercial sources with easy to use, developer-friendly APIs


It isn’t just Airport Management that have an interest in the data ecosystem surrounding aerodromes. The weather, flight and location data associated with an aerodrome has value for many key stakeholders in the industry from Airlines and Air Traffic Controllers to Application Developers, which is why having all of this data available from a single source is becoming increasingly important.


Real-time data affecting a given aerodrome is crucial for operational efficiency within airport management. A single, aggregated source of data allows an airport to perform analytics on current or past operations to enable a better informed collaborative decision making process
amongst stakeholders.


Incorporating real-time flight, weather and regulation data which is affecting an aerodrome allows ATC to get a broader picture of current operational issues and hazards. Stakeholders can achieve more informed decision-making processes within their operations, especially when coupling this data with detailed Airport Map Data visualizations.


Gaining easy access to flight, weather and regulation data for a selected aerodrome enables airline operation control centers to quickly identify issues affecting operations at hub airports. Having a single, consistent source for this data can increase the efficiency of collaborative decision-making for all airports where the airline is a key-stakeholder.


Fixed-Based Operators need to have access to the correct data in real-time to accurately track arrivals and departures of their fleet at a given aerodrome. Aggregating all this data along with weather affecting the aerodrome can allow for FBOs to operate more efficiently and can also be used as a tool in the pilot briefing room.


Sourcing the relevant data to create an EFB app can consume a large amount of time and resources for developers. Access to a set of easy to use GeoJSON APIs for flight, weather and regulation data at a chosen aerodrome allows EFB app developers to quickly build an application using a single, reliable source of data.


For a monthly fixed subscription cost, our Aerodrome package gives you access to high-value data associated to a selected airport through easy to use GeoJSON APIs, including:

  • Flight data for all arriving and departing flights including: Flight Schedules, Flight Plans, Surveillance and Flight Status
  • Weather data including METARS and TAFS
  • Location data of the aerodrome position

Access to flight data is also available via Laminar Data’s Flight Data Streaming Services. Click HERE to find out more!

1 Aerodrome

per month

(billed annually)*





5 Aerodromes

per month

(billed annually)*





10 Aerodromes
per month

(billed annually)*





*Pay monthly options also available upon request, contact us 

Additional subscription options:

  • Regulation data associated with the aerodrome
  • Detailed high-specification Airport Map Data (powered by AeroNavData) of the aerodrome*

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