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Airline performance and efficiency is driven by data. Real time, operational data across multiple flight sectors, airports and airspaces.
With punctuality having a significant impact on customer satisfaction and operating costs, airlines need a robust foundation to make informed decisions to drive down delays and increase efficiency. The Laminar Data Platform makes aviation data accessible and easy to use.

Laminar Data powers real time operational applications that you can deploy quickly to manage on time performance, fast!



The Laminar Data Platform makes it easy to access and share data to achieve airline efficiency 



Sourcing and managing data can
account for up to 80% of project cost.
Laminar Data mitigates this need,
cutting the cost to achieve objectives.


Laminar Data’s end-to-end data
management significantly reduces
the time required for you to deliver
operational applications


Laminar provides a single source
of standardized, secure, fused data
that can be easily accessed by
all stakeholders


The Laminar Data Platform is the world’s first commercial platform dedicated to fusing, cleaning and organizing the world’s aviation data. The end-to-end data management platform merges multiple data feeds to provide a single source of truth. Airlines easily access the data required to manage on time performance, going well beyond internal on-block and off-block times. You are able to use granular data by aerodrome and airline to inform robust operational decisions, including departure and arrival punctuality, taxi delays and turnaround times. The comprehensive data enables airline operations to manage multi-sector flights to optimize efficiency of the airframe throughout the day, with performance metrics across multiple flight sectors, airports and airspaces.

Delivered through a suite of developer friendly APIs and available in three deployment options, Hub, Private Cloud and On-Premise, the platform delivers a fully scalable, secure and resilient enterprise solution. 99.99% uptime service level agreements provide operational confidence alongside the flexibility deploy quickly in the cloud or on your own infrastructure to achieve airline efficiency results, fast!



  • Platform deployment and configuration – turnkey data hub
  • Choose APIs to suit your requirements
  • Harmonize data: internal and external
  • Bulk data conversion and data modelling
  • Mediate to/from SWIM feeds
  • Fully support utilization of available data
  • Rapid prototyping and collaborative development in Laminar X
  • Continuous global data integration with Hub to ingest and publish data

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