Management Team

Head shot of Ian Painter, Managing Director of Snowflake Software

Ian Painter
Managing Director

Ian co-founded Snowflake Software in 2001 having previously led the technical team responsible for creating OS MasterMap at Ordnance Survey. Ian is passionate about making Snowflake a company that builds great software to transform the aviation industry through making data available and easy to use. Ian has always championed Snowflake Software’s non-corporate and inclusive culture, excited by building a team that shares his passion for the software and for having a fun and rewarding experience delivering it.

Head shot of Eddie Curtis, CTO of Snowflake Software

Eddie Curtis
Chief Technology Officer

Eddie co-founded Snowflake Software in 2001 having previously led the team that developed the data management system for OS MasterMap at Ordnance Survey. Eddie built a snowflake emulator as a student, hence the company’s name! As Chief Technical Officer, Eddie’s love for software development and great design fires his enthusiasm for working closely with customers and the developer teams to solve difficult technical challenges and continue delivering ground breaking, industrial grade products.

Head shot of Alex Brooker, Director of Products and Service at Snowflake Software

Alexis James Brooker
Chief Operating Officer

Alex, a chartered engineer and astrophysicist by training, joined Snowflake in 2012 following a career in software and systems engineering in the defence industry. Alex leads on Product and Services strategy, development and roadmap for Snowflake, overseeing the launch and development of the Laminar Data Platform. He is passionate about using data and new technologies to solve real world problems to make a lasting difference to industries.

Lisa Church
Chief Financial Officer

Following a successful career in multiple senior financial positions in IT hardware and charity organisations, Lisa joined Snowflake as Head of Finance in 2015. Since then, she has brought her expertise and best practices to Snowflake financial operations, being appointed as Chief Financial Officer in 2017.